Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reason to not play basketball in the house!

We bought a little mini pro basketball hoop for Rhett that hangs on our door in our dining room. That kid has spent countless hours shooting hoops and pretending he's anyone from Jimmer, Emery, Foster, Deron Williams and more that I can't think of right now to being the Boston Celtics, the Utah Jazz, and many more teams (I think he just might know more NBA teams than I do!!)

Anyway, he and Caleb were playing around this evening and there was a "loose ball" and Rhett went for it...right into the corner of the wall!! The wall was fine, but here's what it did to Rhett...
(don't worry I hugged him for a while before I took the photo:)!!)

The poor soon as he hit I knew it was going to be a bad one. It instantly started swelling and bruising. He sat on my lap all through dinner and I held some frozen corn to his bump. The swelling went down but still looks bad...but it didn't seem to bother him too much! Here he is about an hour after the "incident"!

Also, since we're talking about basketball, I've got a little story! Today Rhett was asking me if we were going to be doing something (I can't remember what it was)...and I told him "no, we're not going to today". He looked at me funny and said "What?? Ogide?" (If you follow Moutain West Basketball you'll little 3 year old does!!:))

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-Susan- said...

Jana, my knees are hurting! Poor Rhett..something like this happened to Josh when he was around 3. He and Joel were playing - boys will be boys, and Josh lunged for his daddy. Joel dodged him and Josh went head first onto the corner of our brick fire place. Josh is 35 and still has a hint of that goose egg! Give Rhett and kiss for me.