Friday, August 29, 2008


The kids LOVE hunting for frogs out back and have found quite a few this summer. This one that they caught is their "momma" frog. They've also found a few "baby" frogs.
Kyla with froggy
Eli loves playing with the frogs!
Eli wanted to make sure I got a picture of "Super Frog" flying!:) He is so imaginative!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last Summer Fling!

This was our last summer fling before school started again. The kids love the swimming pool in Montrose-the slide is just so much fun for them. Rhett even had a good time going down the slide! I don't know how many times I had to climb clear up to the top so that he could go down. (I was worn out!:)) We didn't get a picture of Eli going down the slide, but he loved it too-he can even go down without anyone's help (which he was so proud of!). The pictures don't do justice to the slide-it really is quite fast and a lot of fun! The day was a lot of fun until after we left & Tony realized that quite a bit of money out of his backpack had been stolen. We went back to see if it had been turned in (fat chance of that) and of course it hadn't been-he was sick to his stomach! So our nice afternoon turned out on a bad note, but we still enjoyed this last little outing with our kids before school started up again!
Eli enjoying the pool!
Caleb entering the water off the slide
Mom & Rhett
Cheesy Kyla!:)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Out our front door!

How many of you have ever seen a crop duster? I had never seen one this close before-right out our front door! There is a corn field across the street and this morning we heard a plane flying around so we went out to check it out! It was so neat to watch it! At one point it flew right over the street in front of our house-it was quite loud! The kids and me could have stayed outside watching it forever, but Tony came out and said that maybe it wasn't a good idea to be out there when the plane was releasing airborn pesticides! Needless to say-we reluctantly came inside.

Little yellow planeFor a little plane it sure made a lot of noise!
I love this one-just check out that beautiful background!
There's the pesticides we were enjoying!:)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eli's Summer School

This is Eli and his pre-school & summer school teacher Miss Dorothy. They had the kids for about 3 weeks this summer to get them ready for Kindergarten!

Part of Eli's program from summer school.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Grass!

Dad's been wanting to see some pictures of our grass so here they are! When we got home from vacation there were weeds everywhere, but we've been spraying for them and it's looking really good-although we still have a lot of weeds! Thanks to Dad and Mom for their help with our sprinkling system and teaching us how to grow a lawn!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

YUMMY-Olathe sweet corn!

Rhett's first time to have corn on the cob! It was so cute-he couldn't get enough of it!

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Wonderful neighbors!!

So we were on vacation for about 2 weeks and when we got home we discovered a nice little sandbox in our back yard! The kids were so excited! Caleb asked "Mom, did you do this before we left?" I told him no, but that I bet I knew who did it! We have the best neighbors who are always looking out for us and are so good with our kids. They are an older couple from our ward. As soon as Caleb saw them out working in their yard he yelled over to thank them for the sandbox! They have enjoyed it immensely!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Picture of our Hotel-ph(planet hollywood) in the background.

Our living room.
Our bedroom-the pillows were heaven! I wanted to take them home!
Bathroom-the tub looked so nice, didn't have the time to try it out though.
Foyer as we exit the elevator. The top 2 floors you have to use your keycard in order to even access. We felt pretty special!

Sign as you enter the theatre!

Inside the theatre
The Chandelier!-I could only take pictures after the play was over!
The Belligio water fountains-amazing!
Tony & Jana in front of the Belligio!

Phantom in Vegas

Tony & I celebrated our 10th anniversary a little early this year. Tony mentioned Phantom and I was hook-line-and-sinker! We had such a great time! We stayed at the Planet Hollywood on the very top floor in a really nice room! Phantom was so exciting! I was glued from beginning to end and I've seen the movie quite a few times! The things that they can do on a stage was amazing-I was really quite shocked! The chandelier was quite the site itself. Would recommend it to anyone. I love my hubby so much! This wasn't his first choice of what we could do but he knew I would love it and so went ahead. After Phantom was over Tony turned to me and told me--and I quote, "I don't want to take anything away from Phantom, but I would have rather watched a Dodgers game!" I guess that will be our plans for #15!! We also were able to go and see the bellagio water fountains (it was right across the street from Planet Hollywood). Those were so neat. I could have sat there forever and watched them. Other than the heat during the day, we had a fabulous time!

My little monsters!

The librarian's (who works at the kid's school) son (who was in Tony's class a few years ago) came up with a great name for the kids! He called them the Miramonsters! It fit so well and I loved it because I've always called my kids "little monsters" (lovingly-of course). So that is what inspired our title, just in case you were wondering!:)

I've finally made the plunge!

Thought I'd try my hand at blogging! I've had so much fun reading other people's blogs that I figured it was time to create my own.