Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is the snow storm that we got the day after my birthday!! This is the most snow we've seen in Delta since we've been here! The kids had that week off of school so were able to play in the snow. Tony even went out and helped them make an igloo! It reminded me of the good ol' days when we lived back in Cedar and would wake up to a foot a snow. I've missed that!!!
Tony shoveling snow for an igloo.
See all that snow!!!The boy's wanted to make forts so they could have a snowball fight!
The beginning of Eli's fort!

The beginning of Caleb's fort...with Rhett's help!

The snow is almost melted from the grass areas now, but the cold has stuck around...I'm starting to get spring fever...I'm ready for the snow to MELT and to see some more sun!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

My new favorite blog!!

I found this blog yeserday and spent more time than I should have reading it! It is fabulous!!! Some of you have probably already discovered it, but nobody ever told me about it so I wanted to pass it along just in case. Go check it out! It's

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm back to blogging!!

I've spent the last couple of weeks off, but have had lots to blog about, but I lost my usb connector to my camera and was not able to download any photos...but I started cleaning my computer room today and guess what I found!!! YEAH!!! So now I've got tons of photos to share!! I'll try to spread them out over the next couple of days so as not to bombard anyone!!:)

I just love Valentine's Day...the kids made some tags that said "I hope you have a "beary" happy valentine's day" attached to a bag of teddy grahms. Forgot to take pictures of that one...sorry!:) And I got this great idea online for Tony's valentine to his class. I thought his students would get a kick out of it...they did!!!

Also I recieved these lovely flowers from my sweetheart for Valentine's as well...aren't they beautiful!!:) He likes to tell me about a lady at work who's husband always sends her big, nice, expensive flowers...he said he spends around $100 on them and that he wishes he could do that for me. I told him if he ever did he'd be in BIG trouble!!! As much as I love flowers I could never justify spending that much for them!!!I really do love that man...he spoils me and I don't think I show him enough appreciation! I sure got the good end of that deal!:)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New word to add to the dictionary!

Last night we had a great friend come over and teach Tony how to make some authentic mexican enchiladas for dinner. They were SOOOO yummy. At the dinner table Eli was eating and mostly talking to himself but this is what we overheard him saying to himself. These are hot (spicy) and awesome...I'm going to call them hawesome. Couldn't help but start chuckling at that one!:)