Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby Blessing and BYU Basketball!

We took a quick vacation this weekend (which was much needed on my part!!) to go to my new nephew's blessing. (He is such a cutie!!) The kids loved holding him! For some reason I didn't get Caleb's picture holding him, but I'm sure he did (We had just come from the BYU game and Caleb's mind was elsewhere...I'll get to that part soon!:))
Here's Rhett lovin' baby Isaac.
And Eli.
And Kyla!
It was so great to see my family even if it was just for a few short hours and to hold that sweet little boy!!

So, since we were in Utah we decided we'd better hit the BYU game while we were there. Caleb was so excited. We arrived about an hour early so Caleb could try and get some autographs. He really wanted Jimmer's, but also wanted to get Davies and Emery's as well. He hung out by where the team warmed up for that entire hour hoping to get some, but they were all just too busy warming up! (Imagine that!:))
Doesn't Rhett just look so dumbfounded!! Crack me up!
Eli and Rhett enjoying the warm-ups
There's JIMMER!!
Caleb with the team behind him warming up...boy that kid LoVeD this!!

So we made our way back to our seats...clear up in nose bleed section...if you look closely, right above the blue banner there's a cluster of people, Tony's the one sitting by the stairs in the blue shirt (yes I packed for him!).

I also saw Lavell Edwards!! And yes as my Dad pointed out I was like Paparazzi taking his picture but I just couldn't help it!!:)

The game was so much fun! It was a lot of fun to watch Jimmer! He is AwEsOmE!! We got to see a few dunks and a couple of missed dunks! Caleb was in heaven, Eli kept asking when we could go back to the hotel and go swimming, Kyla actually had a good time and cheered for the cougars, and Rhett kept cheering for the Utah Utes!! He thought that UNLV was the utes because they were in red. Tony and I both told him it wasn't the Utes but UNLV but he didn't believe us and kept cheering for the Utes throughout the game. It was pretty cute! Tony even cheered for the cougars, but he claims the only reason is because we were sitting right behind some UNLV fans who were shouting innappropriate/blasphemey comments that made him mad!:)

Anyway, after the game Caleb headed down to where the players exit the court and was able to get Abouo's autograph! So we let him hang around after the game for about an hour to see if Jimmer would come out again. Well, he did, but only to do some radio stuff and then he waved and left again. (That's him sitting at the table right above Eli's head!)
But afterward, some other players came out and gave autographs. Caleb was so excited when he saw Brandon Davies! He was able to get his autograph and his picture with him. (BTW he was about the nicest guy...good role model for my little boy!!)
Then Jackson Emery emerged as well and he was able to get his autograph and picture with him as well! (and again...super nice and a great role model!)
And last but not least Coach Rose showed up for autographs as well!! Here's a picture of Caleb getting his autograph!
Here's the page with everyone's autograph. It's a little wrinkled because Caleb carried it everywhere so he could show everyone! He even took it into church to show Grandpa. Grandpa offered him $100 bucks for it and he turned him down so fast I was shocked!! We're going to frame the autographs with some of his pictures. I'll post it when we get it finished!

After the game we went to see baby Isaac for a little bit (pictures above!) and then took off so the kids could do some swimming before bedtime! It was such a spectacular weekend. I wish we could do it more often!!