Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Friday, the 30th Main Street here in town does a Trick-or-treating for the kids. They go up and down Main Street and the businesses pass out treats for the kids! They LOVE this! So after school we got dressed up and headed down to trick-or-treat. When we got there Rhett was so excited...he kept saying "parade!" I guess it was a little like a parade...a costume parade!:) Our ward does a trunk-or-treat tonight that the kids are excited for as well...we are going to have SOOOOO much candy!! My stomach feels sick just thinking about it! Anyway, here are pictures of the kids' Halloween costumes and some of the parties from school.
This is Eli (just in case you couldn't see him!:) He was a ninja. When I told him to smile he looked at me and said "Ninja's don't smile!" So this is what we got!
Caleb was a Knight! At first Rhett was going to be a dragon and Caleb wanted to be the Knight with a dragon...but then we decided to have Rhett be Diego...Ooops!:) Sorry pet dragon for you!:)
Kyla as a Gypsy! I can never get a "normal" picture of her...she always ends up making some silly face or laughing her head off. This was the best of all that I took!:)
Rhett as Diego...his favorite show that he wants to watch 24/7! All the kids together!

Also, we had parties at all of their classes for Halloween and here's what the kids helped me make and take to their rooms.
For Eli's class we made Candy Corn Cupcakes. They turned out so cute!
For Caleb's class we made Caramel Toffee Apple Dip and some apples. Sorry not picture but you can go HERE to see the recipe and what it looked like!

For Kyla's class we made Witches wands! So much fun!
In Tony's class they played a game...bobbing for donuts! It was a lot of fun wathcing the kids try to eat those donuts!:)

All recipes for the kids classes were found at one of my favoriet websites!! You can go check it out HERE!

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2009


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Slideshow of Kyla

Wish I had some baby pictures of Kyla on my computer, but all of those were taken before I had a digital camera! Darn...she was such a cute baby!

Makyla's Birthday!

So my little girl is 10!! I can't believe how the time has flown! As pointed out to me yesterday..."enjoy the time while you can because before you know it she'll be 18 and out of the house!" Didn't like thinking about that...I've got less time with her than I've already had! But anyway, it was an enjoyable day...busy, but enjoyable!:) I promised Kyla I'd take her out for lunch for her birthday and she decided she wanted to go to Pizza Hut so that's where we went. It was fun getting to talk to her one on one (although we did have Rhett with us and he did interupt us quite often!). She really is growing up so fast!
Then we headed home to make Kyla's treat for school. She requested dirt cups so that's what she got...I was surprised how many of the kids in her class had never had one and were asking if it really was dirt! Yes...I'm really going to bring dirt in cups for my daughters birthday treat!:)
The class singing the longest version of Happy Birthday I had ever heard...(many more on channel 4, frankenstein on channel 9, fat lady on channel 80...and on and on! It was cute!)Everyone had to wait for Kyla to take the first bite before they could...or maybe they just wanted to make sure it really wasn't dirt!:)

After school Kyla had gymnastics and when she got home she got to make her own birthday dinner. (Before you think I'm a terrible Mom...we were trying to get her Faith in God requirements done before it was too late. (she was born at 8:10 so we figured we had until then to get it done:)) She only had one requirement left and it was to plan, prepare, and serve a nutritious meal. And she enjoyed doing it!) So anyway, she boiled the water and tossed in the frozen ravioli's (one of her favorites)...Heated the sauce in the microwave...made a salad (bagged salad:)...but she did cut up a cucumber and green pepper to go in it!)...threw some garlic bread in the oven...set the table...and it was SO yummy!
After ward we had cake and ice cream and presents!
This is the purse that Kyla got from Grandpa and Grandma from Africa...she was so excited for it! What a fun day...I LOVE birthdays! Happy birthday Makyla!