Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Rhett's 4th Birthday!

My baby boy (who does not like for me to refer to him as that!) turned 4 on Sunday!  I still can't believe it!  Honestly...where does the time go?  I remember about a month ago he looked like this:
And then a few weeks ago this:
And then yesterday...
OK...I'm killing myself here...let's get on to the birthday party!

He had a party with some of his friends on Friday before his birthday.  They had an Easter egg hunt and then cupcakes (leftover from my recital...check it out HERE at our recipe blog!) and presents.  He had a lot of fun and was very excited to have his own special birthday party with his friends!  I took my camera but forgot to take pictures of the hunt, but got some of the boys playing with one Rhett's toys he got. 
Rhett with Parker
Rhett with Ty, Deacon & Parker 
We decided to have his family birthday party on Saturday.  We'd been asking him what he wanted for his birthday for the last couple of weeks and his #1 answer was....and ipad!!!  Can you believe that?!  It totally cracked me up.  He was able to play angry birds on our good friend Nancy's ipad and now whenever he sees her he asks her if she has it so he can play!  Sorry, little man but no ipad this year!!:)  But his #2 answer was a bike, so we ventured on down to Montrose to see what we could find for him.  He was so excited...this is the bike he picked out!
We then came home to make a cake and wrap presents so we could have a party for him. Well, in the meantime he fell asleep and when we tried to wake him up for dinner he was not having it. He was out cold and if we bugged him enough he'd start crying and get mad, so we decided to let him sleep through dinner. Well, after dinner it was the same thing...he was worn out!! So we decided we'd put him to bed and have his party on Sunday. Well, he woke up at about 9:00 and came and asked if we could have his party. I told him it was too late and that we could have it tomorrow on his birthday, but that didn't make him all too happy so I gave in and we had my little boy's 4th birthday party at 9:00!! I know...Mother of the year award!:) Anyway, here's pictures from the party! Sorry the pictures are so was 9:00 you know!
Our 4 year old!
 Rhett had been DIEING to see Tangled!
 Unwrapping more presents.
In his GAME CHANGER outfit!  (see what I mean...this is actually what he looked like yesterday...he's growing up WAY too fast!!) 

What a sweetie we have.    He is so excited to play t-ball this year.  That was the main reason he wanted to turn 4 because he knew he'd be old enough to play!  He brings so much joy to our family!  He loves his brothers and sister, especially Caleb and he still tells his Dad & Mom at least once every day that he loves us without being prodded.  We sure do love this boy!!