Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Caleb's Mesa Verde Field Trip!

Last Thursday & Friday Caleb was able to go on an over-night field trip with all the 3rd graders to Mesa Verde. I finally talked Tony into going with them since I went with Kyla last year. I kept telling him how fun it was and how I'd like to go again but that I thought he should. Anyway, they return Friday night and I get the story of how Tony was up with Caleb until about 2:00 because he was sick. He started throwing-up that evening and wasn't able to get back to sleep until then, and then the air mattress Tony took wouldn't hold the air so he had to sleep on the hard gym floor and then they had to be up and getting ready to leave by 7:00! I felt so bad...especially for Caleb's teacher who ended up having to clean up the mess Caleb made on the gym floor! I owe her big time...there's nothing worse than cleaning up puke...especially when it's not your own kids'!! They made it through the day though and the pictures turned out good and Caleb said he had a good time anyway, but boy were they exhausted when they got home!!

Here's some pictures!
This is one of the many pictures of the yucca plant that Caleb took. Tony gave him the camera and most of the shots he got were of yucca...what an exciting plant!:)
Caleb & Jeremiah at the Heritage museum.
This was all the boys getting ready for bed...Caleb doesn't look sick to me! But just minutes later...:)
Tony & Caleb before going to the Balcony house!
Caleb with his 2 buds Eli & Clayton.
Trying to start a fire!
Caleb & Tony with their group down in one of the kiva's.
Caleb climbing out of the kiva.
Dad & son...after a long day and hardly no sleep!!!:)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Look what I found!

Yesterday I decided to download all of my new photos to my computer from my camera. While going through the new photo's I found a few dark ones that I couldn't see and that I had no idea what they were of. So I lightened them up and this is what I found!!



Still don't know who was the culprit...I'm just glad no one was electrocuted!:)
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