Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eli is 8!!

Eli's 8th birthday was last Thursday March 10th. I still can't believe he's 8 already...I'm feeling old! We had family come in (Grandpa & Grandma, Uncle Chad and Aunt Melinda and there kiddos; Makenna, Madison, Landen and Logan, and Uncle Brandon and Aunt Elyse and little baby Isaac) and were able to celebrate this special day with Eli.

We had a fun pizza party for his birthday and cake and ice cream. Here's the Oreo Cake we had for his party...If you'd like the recipe, head over to our recipe blog!
He got some great gifts that he was pretty excited for!
Here's his remote control monster truck (that does not work and needs to be returned!!), fantasia (the movie) that he's been wanting for months!, and some red vines licorice which he also loves!!
His favorite books are the Magic Treehouse series, so Tony surprised him with the ENTIRE set!! He was pretty excited about that one!
He got this cool magic tricks thing from Grandpa and Grandma too. He's been learning how to do them and has even given a magic show!

Friday we were able to spend the day in Telluride with Chad and Melinda and family and Grandpa and Grandma!
The highlight is always riding the never gets old, and not just for the kids, Grandpa said he could just ride it all day!!:)
This picture cracks me up!! This is when the gondola "takes off"...just take a look at Eli and Rhett's faces!!
The kiddo's shoving themselves into the phone booth!! How cute are they?!
Landen and Rhett posing for a picture!!:)
Makenna, Madison, Makyla, and Caleb all tried the bungee thingy!:) They were all pretty excited to try it but then when they got them they all were pretty scared, well, except for Madison!!:) Here's Rhett and Landen watching the fun!!

Makyla was pretty scared at first but towards the end we finally got her to try doing some flips...which she was able to do. I've got it on video if I can ever get this thing to work I'll post it on here
And here's Caleb...he was too chicken to even try a flip, and I thought he would be the one to go crazy up there and try all kinds of things...guess I was wrong!

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Melinda said...

Oh that was so fun. Thank you for letting us stay with you and for all of the other fun stuff too!