Friday, December 5, 2008

Visiting with Santa

We had our annual parade of lights tonight and Santa was seeing kids before he had to ride in the parade! Eli was so excited to see Santa-he told him he wanted an Indiana Jones Nintendo DS (good luck on that one buddy!:)), Caleb told me he already wrote a letter to him and told him what he wanted (he really just wanted to play the playstation instead of going!:-he's a little addicted to football!), but he went and also asked for a nintendo DS. We might have to explain to the kids that Santa's budget might be a little tight this year! In years past they've asked for things that they haven't gotten but have always been happy with what they here's hoping!:) Rhett didn't really know what was going on, and Kyla didn't have an opinion one way or the other and just told Santa she didn't know what she wanted! The best part was that they got a "goodie bag" from Santa that had some 3D glasses in them. They were so neat--whenever you looked at a light while it was dark each light turned into a snowman! They loved them!
Caleb and Kyla froze during the parade and kept begging to go home, but Rhett and Eli were having such a good time and didn't want to leave so we stayed to the end--I thought it was a lot nicer than other years when I had absolutely frozen! Rhett loved seeing all the horses, and "reindeer" and dogs, and llamas, but I think the thing he liked most was when a group of boys came skating on rollerblades with their hockey sticks and a ball that they were slinging back and forth to each other-he was mesmerized! Tony had class this weekend and so it was just me and the kids and it went a lot better than I had anticipated!:) We really had an enjoyable time (except for the freezing of Caleb and Kyla!)

Caleb with Santa

Eli with Santa

Rhett wondering what's going on!

Santa is telling Kyla about the 3D glasses!

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