Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kyla's finished room! FiNaLlY!!!

We finally finished Kyla's room last weekend!! It was a big chore and took more work than I thought it would (don't projects always!), but it is now complete except for the chair rail, curtains, and some more "art" for the one huge blank wall!

Here it is...from the beginning!

The "before" of the closet

The "after" of the closet!

This is after 3 coats of white paint (holy cow...I didn't think it would take that much paint to do white over beige!!) and 2 coats of the red! (we ended up having to do 4 coats of the red!!)

And this is after lots of trial and error on these first we wanted to do a red metallic paint for the stripes but just couldn't get that to work so we decided just to do a darker red of regular paint. I think it turned out awesome!!

And now for the final project!! Kyla arranged (with a few pointers from me!) her room by herself and organized all her little nick-nacks! She did a great job!

Makyla was a huge help with this project which was really nice! I had to "fire" her a couple of times, but then always put her back to work! It was acutally really nice working with her. Good bonding time for Mom and daughter!!


-Susan- said...

Hmmm ... looks like someone has been watching HGTV! Very nicely done ladies! I may have to come on over and see the beauty for myself!

Sheans said...

i love it!

Becky said...

you did a great job! congrats!

Melinda said...

So cute! You guys did a great job.