Monday, March 28, 2011

Kyla's DI (Destination Imagination) Competition!

This last weekend (Saturday the 26th) was Kyla's DI team's competition.  They have been working so hard since December to get everything ready and the day finally arrived.  She had to be up to the school on the bus ready to go by 6:15 on a Saturday...UGGHH!  But she had a great surprise waiting for her when she got there.  Mrs. Green brought her a goody bag full of all kinds of great stuff for winning the design for the DI t-shirts that both teams wore for the competition.  Mrs. Green also made t-shirts for the family to wear to support Kyla...Here we all are at the competition in our shirts (except Tony...he tried to squeeze into his, but it was just a little too small!)
Their challenge was at 9:00 in Rifle and we just barely made it in time!!  I only got one picture because I was taking video of the skit.  So here's that one picture!
Their challenge was calle the Triple Take Road Show.  They had to perform their skit to 3 different "pretend" audiences.  They did a fabulous job!!  And since their skit was at 9:00a.m. and then they had their instant challenge at 1:00, but parents cannot watch that one, and then the awards assembly wasn't until 6:30 we decided to take off and do some shopping in Grand Junction and then head home.

We got a call at about 7:15 from a crying Kyla telling us that they had won 1st place and would be going to state in Denver sometime in April!!  I was kicking myself that we didn't stay, but I have no idea what we would have done there for all those hours with the boys!!  Anyway, all their hard work paid off!!  Now they have to keep on working to make it better for State!!  We're so proud of her!!

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Melinda said...

Wow! That is amazing! Way to go Makyla!!!