Friday, March 25, 2011

Caleb turns double digits!

It was Caleb's Birthday on Tuesday the 22nd.  We had a family birthday party on Monday night for FHE.  Caleb opened presents:

A Hot Wheels car from Rhett (Rhett picked it out himself and just had to buy the "cool car" for Caleb!)
Eli bought Caleb some Basketball and Baseball cards. Caleb LOVED them!
This was from Tony and I and Grandpa & Grandma Wilson...we wanted him to pick out his own bike so this is how we told him that's what he was going to be getting!

Here's the Birthday Boy with his cake on fire!!  Can't believe he's 10!!

Putting the candles on the cake!

Here's Caleb's Birthday Cake...If you would like the recipe head on over to Double the Deliciousness!
It was a great party and I was able to take Caleb out to lunch on Thursday for his "birthday lunch with Mom" (and Rhett!) and we stopped at Walmart and bought him the bike he wanted.  I'll get a picture of him on it and post it up soon!

Also, I've been sorting through all our photo's on the computer and came across this super duper DUPER cute one of Caleb!!  I just had to post it too! 
This was a couple of months after Caleb had turned 4 (which incidentally is about where my youngest is at now...I CANNOT believe how fast time flies!)  Isn't he about the cutest little 4 year old EVER!!
How we love our Caleb...what joy he brings to our family!!  Always happy and very loving!!

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Melinda said...

Landen saw that picture of the boys and siad "that's my Rhett!" Ha ha, I love how he calls him "my Rhett".
Happy birthday Claeb! I can't wait to see your new bike.