Monday, January 19, 2009

Tis the season!

It's football season!! Thought we'd show off our little football fan! "Touchdown" is his new favorite word!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Thanks Melinda (& Chad:))!

Sorry to bombard everyone with a ton of posts, but I didn't have time to blog during the break with my family home and being sick and so much to do with the kids! So with the kids back in school I've got a little more free time! Anyway, my very wonderful and creative sister-in-law Melinda gave us this Family plaque for Christmas. It is so cute-we love it! Tony had the great idea (stemed from Ben & Jamie)of making a Family game winners sheet on it for 2009 so we can keep track of who wins what game! It's been a lot of fun to keep track so far-no marks for me yet-Tony's winning everything! Except Eli beat us all in Monopoly on Sunday-he was so excited to put a mark by his name! He owned Boardwalk and Park Place and was able to build hotels on each and he kept telling everyone that they needed to land on him so that he could get 2,000 smackers! It was quite funny!
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Pink Eye for the Holidays!

I think this is the cutest picture! I feel so bad for the poor kid, but couldn't help but smile every time I looked at him! Tony got pink eye the week before Christmas and decided to share it with the rest of us! Tony & Rhett got it the worst-Tony's eye was swollen up just like this also! It didn't seem to bother Rhett-he went about his business as usual!:)What a cutie!
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Christmas Morning!

Rhett was so excited about the cars he got from Santa! He took them to Tony and demanded they be opened right away! When he realized I was taking pictures he proceeded to bring me every car individually so I could take a picture of it!:)
Makyla got a digital camera from Santa. She was pretty excited about it. Hope it lasts through the next year-her brother's like to mess with it too!
Eli got a Hot Wheels rug to go with his cars he already has. He and Rhett like to drive around on it with their cars together!
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Caleb got one of the things he wanted for Christmas. He wanted a nintendo DS but that wasn't in the budget and he also wanted a football-Santa could handle that! He and Rhett have really been enjoying it! Rhett will now run for a "touchdown" while Caleb is chasing him--too cute!

Thanks Grandma Potter!

The kids' great grandma Potter sent us a Christmas Card with some money for the kids for Christmas. They were so excited! Don't know how much longer she'll be around so we took a picture of the kids with their dollars! The kids love getting cards from her and she always remembers their birthdays! What a wonderful woman! We love our grandma Potter!!!  
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