Sunday, August 7, 2011

Denver Vacation

I added it up...we have been home a total of 9 whole days since July 3rd!!  OH HOW I LOVE SUMMER VACATION!!  It is nice to be home though and to start getting back in the swing of things!:) 

Our last adventure before school starts was visiting Denver.  Tony got Rockies tickets for his birthday (6 of them...we're so lucky he chose to have us go with him!!:)) and so we decided to make ourselves a little mini vacation. 

We headed to Denver Monday morning (Aug 1st)...the boys all got baseballs and sharpie's hoping to get some autographs so we wanted to get to the game plenty early so we'd have the chance.  Well......there was some HORRIFIC traffic on I-70 because of construction work.  We timed it on the way back and it took us 35 minutes to go 5 miles!!!  So, needless to say by the time we got to our hotel to check in and then back to the rockies game it was about 5:30 (still an hour early, but Tony and the boys wanted to be there 2 hours early...probably a good thing there was traffic!:)). 

When we got there we wandered down to the side-lines along 1st baseline.  We got some great pictures and got pretty wet...but NO autographs!  The boys were a little disappointed, but it was pretty cool watching all the guys warm up...especially Tulowitzky...Rhett just loves him!!  While we were standing there the camera came by and zero'd in on Rhett chewing his sharpie pen with his baseball in his hand...he was on TV!!  Don't know what station or anything, but I wish I could have seen it!  The same camera came back around and zero'd in on Rhett pays to be such a cute little guy!!

 The kiddo's in the rain!
 The boys hoping to get autographs...I know Caleb doesn't look so excited, but he just wasn't feeling well.  I felt so bad for him, I don't think he enjoyed it too much because of the way he was feeling, but he did get up and cheer pretty good for the Rockies 2 homeruns that game!!:) 
Chacin going out to the bullpen to warm-up...he pitched an awesome game...the closer blew it for him!

 This totally cracked me up...he looks like he's carrying a little girl's cute!:)
Here's Tulo warming up...we were right was so much fun to watch!

 A lot of the team warming up
 My cute little Rockies fan!!
Caleb & Rhett with cracker jacks!
 Tulo on 1st base
 Hoping Smith would hit another homerun to win the such luck!:(

The Rockies ended up losing in the 10th inning....I thought they had it in the bag!  Rhett was disappointed, he told us "I didn't go to watch the Rockies lose!"  He's not competitive or anything!:) 

The next day we went to the zoo....I'll post that one later this until then!