Sunday, July 5, 2009

A little of the 4th!

Some pictures of our doings on the 4th. Tony had to work (it's his birthday too!:() so the kids and I went to the parade and the summerfest in Montrose and then Tony joined us back in Delta for fireworks that night! It was a fun day we just wish Tony would have been able to be there with us!
At the summerfest they had some motorcross guys doing all kinds of was really cool...Rhett LOVED it! He's had a fixation on motorcycles for a couple of months now!
Eli trying to knock the ducks off their posts! Quite the concentration. At one point he got so close to the duck trying to get it off and then I saw him look around and then hurry and use the end of the water soaker to knock the duck down! He turned around with a big grin on his face!:)Eli's dinosaur face painting!Caleb trying out the dunk tank! He got 5 balls and the first 3 he threw he hit the bullseye! Caleb's black widow face painting!Makyla's butterfly face painting!Rhett's baseball face painting!Caleb's red, white, & blue hair spiked.Eli's spiked hair!
Rhett not looking too happy about his USA spikes!:)Makyla with red, white, & blue hi-lights!The kiddo's all dolled up for the 4th!:)