Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School!

Today is the first day of school. The kids have been pretty excited to start again, especially Caleb. He LOVES school more than any of the other kids. We went up to the school a few days ago and he wanted to see if he was going to be in the same classroom (his teacher moved up with his entire class this year so he has the same class and teacher!) and as soon as he saw his teacher he gave her the biggest hug and did not want to leave! I'm so glad he's got a good teacher (I should say FABULOUS!) that he enjoys and learns from. The other kids have good teachers as well. Eli was excited to make some new friends and Kyla was pretty nervous about the first day. She didn't want me to leave...and she's in 5th grade. I'm anxious to see how her first day went! Can't wait for them to get home!

So here's there 1st day of school pictures before we left this morning. They are all growing up so fast!! Can't believe I'll have a middle schooler next year!! YIKES!!

I should have taken of picture of Tony too since it's his first day of school...again!! He still hasn't graduated from the 2nd grade...this is his 9th year...he and Eli are in the same grade this year!!:)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

More from vacation!

After all the fun at the cabin and my Mom and Dad's we headed up to Tony's parents house for about a week. The kids had so much fun on the four wheeler and go cart. They would ask daily if they could ride on one! Uncle Smokey even taught Makyla how to drive his sandrail!! What a scary experience!! But she had a blast!
Eli taking Jaxon for a ride!
Makyla after she'd just taken me for a ride on the sandrail! Pretty proud of herself!
Caleb driving the go cart
Eli, Anastasia, and Kyla in the back of the sandrail while Tony was that was pretty scary too!!
Rhett getting a turn!
Rhett with all the "tools" he could find around!
Tony and Uncle Smokey with thier boys!
Most of the grandkids together. Rhett, Eli, Caleb, Tyler, Anastasia, Kyla, and Bodey.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Caleb's new quilt!

Caleb had his Grandma bring him home some African material while on their mission so that he could have a new quilt (his old one...that Grandma made for him from material from Hawaii...had been washed so many times it was completely falling apart and he was pretty devastated when we had to throw it away!) So while on vacation in Utah Grandma finished up his quilt for him. He loves it! He sleeps with it every night and uses it when he's watching a movie or TV. Now all the other kids want one!! Grandma's going to be a busy lady!:)
Ready to be made up the pattern and sewed it all together before we got there!
Almost finished!
Caleb with his quilt!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More from the Retreat!

Our drive out to the cabin...and this is what we got to see. Wilson Peak with the rainbow right over it...So beautiful! I wish we could get out there more than just once a year!!

Pictures of the kid's relay racing. They each had to dress up like a and all! They all looked so cute!
Rhett all ready to run!
Eli running like crazy!
Caleb getting all dressed up.
Kyla bringing up the rear for the Miramonsters!
My nephew Logan lookin' good! What a cutie!
Tony wanted a turn with all the get-up. Looks good on him!:)
After everyone had left Eli had time to read to Rhett...I LOVE those moments!

Friday, August 13, 2010


I was so excited to find out yesterday that I was going to be featured on one of my favorite blogs!! Do you remember the VALANCE that I made for Dad & Mom? It was featured on their website: GO CHECK IT OUT!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation 2010!

We just returned from our fun-filled vacation for this summer!! We had such a good time and wish we could have stayed longer!! But life has to go on I guess!:) Anyway, the next few posts I'll be doing will be about our vacation.

First off we headed out to my cabin for our family retreat. We were there a couple of days early so we could start framing up our room in the basement. That was so much fun! I think Tony enjoyed using the nail gun...boys and their fascination with power tools!:) I used it once and almost shot my Dad so that was the end of that!:) So here are some pictures of our room!

I should have taken a picture of our view from our window...I think we got the best one!!

Next summer we're planning on doing all the drywall and putting insulation in the ceiling. Can't wait to have it finished!!

More to come tomorrow!!