Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eli's Baptism

Eli was baptized on Saturday March 12th. What a wonderful day and it was so great to have some family here to celebrate this special day with us!! Eli was baptized and confirmed by his Dad, Tony. Grandpa, Uncle Brandon, Bishop Clark, Bro. Graff, and Bro. Shean all stood in with Tony to confirm Eli.

The program was beautiful. We sand "When I Am Baptized" for the opening sone and then had a talk on baptism by Uncle Chad, which was perfect!! Then Eli was baptized. I'll never forget that sweet grin he had on his face right after he was baptized. He stood in the font looking out at all of us with the most perfect little grin! What joy that boy bring to our lives!!

After the baptism Grandma gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, which was also excellent! Then Eli was confirmed. What a special day for our family!!
Read the next post to see his birthday celebration!!

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