Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eli's trip to the Hospital

Okay, so I keep forgeting to write this story down in Eli's journal, and since I'm on the computer enough already I figured I could document it here before I forget! Plus it's a cute story and you just might like hearing it.
A week ago Sunday after church the kids were complaining that they were starving (we have 11:00 church, so lunch kindof gets skipped) so I got out my apple slicer to cut some apples to tide the kids over until I had dinner ready. Next thing I know Caleb is using my apple slicer to cut Eli an apple and somehow Eli's finger got inbetween the blades of the slicer and the cutting board and it sliced his finger pretty good. It wouldn't stop bleeding, but we could tell it was pretty deep, so Mom and Eli made a trip to the ER. After checking in, they had us wait in the waiting area until they were ready for us and while we were waiting Eli leaned over to me and asked if we could say a prayer so his finger would get better. I asked him if he wanted to say it and he said "no, could you?" We were the only ones there so we just bowed our heads there and I said a quick little prayer for Eli. When I was done he looked up at me and said "well that was short!"
We then headed back to our room and the doctor was able to stop the bleeding enough to be able to glue it shut instead of having to do stitches! Eli was so brave! While the nurse was cleaning his wound with the syringe (he was blasting the sterile water in there pretty hard!) he kept asking Eli if he was okay, and I could tell that it was really hurting him, but he always replied (between clenched teeth) that he was fine. So the nurse kept cleaning and I kept watching Eli go whiter and whiter, and then his teeth started clattering, and he started making noices like he was going to throw-up, but he never cried! And if you know Eli he can be quite dramatic (at home he was screaming his lungs out!) so I was quite surprised by his reaction. He didn't ever pass out or throw-up, and after the nurse left he told me that it "kindof hurt"! Anyway before we were ready to go Eli looked at me and said "if I ever cut my finger again Mom you'll have to say a longer prayer!"


Corrine said...

That is priceless!

Melinda said...

Ok that is too cute! Eli cracks me up. Makes me miss you guys even more.
P.s. I love that we both chose the same blog background... great minds think alike!