Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rhett's favorite pastime!

So, I was washing the dishes yesterday morning, and Rhett usually scoots a chair over to the sink and "helps" me, but today he didn't! After I was done with the dishes I went looking for him. It didn't take long to find him in the front room curled up on the chair with his 3 blankets looking at a book! It was so cute and he looked so relaxed and enjoying himself that I had to take a picture! Since then he has been doing that quite often or else bringing me a book with his blanket, and he also has added a new word to his vocabulary...BOOK! What a sweet little boy!

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Amanda said...

your kids are all so cute. I like what you did with the painting. So why am I not added to your blog list? I am the coolest smith around!!! :) Love the blog