Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween party ideas!

So I'm in charge of Makyla's class "Fall Party" which is the same thing as a Halloween party!:) We've got about an hour to play games, do crafts, treats, etc.! I'm having a hard time coming up with some things that we could do during that hour. I was kindof thinking we could split the class up into 3 or 4 groups and have them rotate between centers, but I'm not quite sure what to do in each center! If anyone has any good ideas for me, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!


Melinda said...

I was in charge of the craft at my sister's party and I had the kids make masks out of paper plates, pipe cleaners, stickers, and markers. This might be too much of a pain but all I did was had the kids draw circles where they wanted eye holes and i cut out the circles. I used a hole punch to tie the pipecleaners on and let the kids do the rest. They had a blast! I will try to keep thinking for you.

Amy said...

We are having a Halloween party at our home this year. Here are the games I think we are playing. I don't know maybe they will spark an idea for you. The first one is going to be "Laundry bag" I am going to have about three pillow cases full of dress up items. We will pass them around the circle like hot potatoe. When the music stops who ever is holding the bad will have to reach in and pull out an item. What ever the item is they have to wear it. At the end we are going to take each families picture for them to take home. I am using three bags so there is plenty of action and so there are plenty of dress up peices. I don't know how you could figure out a winner of this game, that is why I am just taking family pictures, since it is a family party.
The second game is going to be a mummy wrap up, relay. I will give each family some rolls of toilet paper and they will pick one of their family members to "mummify" and then which ever mummy makes it across the finish line first wins their family the prize.
The last game we are going to be playing is a candy corn toss. Each family will pick one person to be the catcher. The catcher ties a paper cup around their waist and tries to catch as many candy corn as they can, while the rest of the family throws the candy from behind a designated line. The family with the most candy corns in the cup at the end of like 3 minutes wins.
I hope that helps good luck and Happy Halloween!

Corrine said...

I did Jenna's party last year and here's what we did.

Tape the face on the jack-o-lantern- same idea as pin the tail on the donkey only tape pieces of a face on a pumpkin. We took pictures every few turns of the funny faces created.

Aubrey's preschool had a party yesterday and another fun thing they did was pumpkin bowling. They set up the plastic bowling pins and just used a small pumpkin for the ball.

If you need more ideas, let me know because there's lots more where these came from.