Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Pictures

This weekend we traveled up on the Grand Mesa to do some sight seeing and take the kids' pictures. It was so beautiful up there! We found a beautiful spot to take the pictures by some colorful leaves and bright red berries! They turned out quite well if I do say so myself! It was a fun trip. We had 2 people stop and ask us if we were looking at moose! Tony was quite disturbed-he couldn't believe people would think we would be out in the woods with our children running around if there was a moose close by. And then he told me some statistic (that I can't remember), but I think it was something like that more people get killed by wild moose (or is it meese!:)) than any other wild animal. Don't quote me on that-I guess I should have payed more attention!:)
Caleb (7)

Makyla (8)

Rhett (18 months)

Eli (5)

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Grandma said...

AWESOME! Can't believe the pictures actually show the color so well. I certainly have cute grandkids . . . and their parents aren't bad either. If Tony needs a second job, he could be a model. Makyla can be the photographer. I do have one bit of critiquing: put your blog on a lighter background. It's hard for these poor eyes to read black print on dark. Love you guys!

Melinda said...

Who took those pictures? SOOOO cute!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness your pictures are WAY cute! They fall colors go so nicely. I love Fall! It is my favorite time of year. Even if I do feel like my summer was WAY TOO SHORT this year. Thanks for sharing the cute, cute pictures!

Jana said...

Tony took all of the pictures (except the one he's in:)) I (tried) to pose the kids and he did the snapping! Turned out well, and is tons cheaper then buying the school pictures and way cuter!