Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inspiration from Swaziland!

About 2 weeks ago my kids recieved some letters in the mail from Grandpa & Grandma in Swaziland. They sent each of the kids a postcard of an animal with a scripture and a mission story that pertained to that animal. I told the kids to put them somewhere that they wouldn't get lost and where they could see them. Well, the next day I found a couple lying around on the floor and so picked them up and was going to put them away so they wouldn't get destroyed. Well, that night I had an idea...I think it was brilliant but that's to my standards!:) Now they'll be able to see them and be reminded of the messages Grandpa & Grandma sent them. Here they are!

I've got a pretty fun idea on how to hang the boys in their room as well. I'll post a picture of that when I get it finished too! I think they turned out quite well!:)


Melinda said...

Those are so cute! I think I am going to hunt my kid's postcards down so I can do the same thing. Unfortunately mine wont be as cute as yours. You're brilliant!

Natalie said...

Those are adorable!! What a wonderful idea!! I may have to borrow that one :)

Grandpa & Grandma said...

Those turned out so fun! Hope they inspire the children to do good each day. They have a better chance now that you've framed them so nicely.