Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter & Conference

Here are the conference clipboards I promised to take pictures of so all could see. The kids really liked them and were eager to use them!

We also dyed Easter Eggs...the kids love to do this every year. Rhett especially got into it. I think he cracked every egg that he dyed though. He wanted to put each egg in every single color and would drop them repeatedly throughout the process!:)
Makyla with one of her eggs.
Caleb with one of his eggs.
Rhett with his cracked egg.
Eli with his egg...the face only a mother could love!!!:) And boy do I!!!

The kids also went to the park on Saturday morning for an Easter Egg hunt. After the hunt the kids could get their picture taken with the Easter bunny. At first Rhett was all excited about it but when we got up close he just wasn't having it so we didn't get that picture, but here's some of the kids and their loot!

The kids spent about an hour Saturday night writing notes to the Easter Bunny. They did such a good job I had to take pictures of them.

There was a candy that Eli had gotten from his Easter Egg hunt inside this paper roll!


Melinda said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Those clip boards are so cool! You need to teach me how to make them.

Natalie said...

Very fun! I had to laugh at the picture with your little one and his egg, on the table in his undies :) My little one has the same picture...lol..it must be the age :)

Grandpa & Grandma said...

2 requests: 1.keep your recipe blog going until I get home from mission and 2.I want to learn how to do the clipboards, too.