Thursday, March 4, 2010


I have no idea what is going on with my body, but since Monday my skin has been pretty itchy on my arms, hand, legs, and feet. Well, this morning while scratching myself to death I realized I was covered in hives all down my legs and the back of my arms, hands, and feet! For the life of me I can't figure out's most likely some kind of allergic reaction, but I haven't changes any detergents or eaten anything new. Can seasonal allergies cause hives??? I don't have a runny nose, itchey watery eyes or anything else like that...I'm stumped...anyone got any ideas?? I took a picture of my leg and arm because I wanted to show Tony, because he always thinks I exaggerate (which I probably do quite often:)) but I'm not today!! So, don't gross out over this horribly unfortunate arm & leg!:)
(I decided against posting the picture of my leg...although the hives are worse leg is VERY white, pasty, and ugly...and I'm a little self-conscious about it!!
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Natalie said...

Have you changed detergents lately? Soaps? Anything like that? Have you been eating something that you usually do not eat, like bananas or strawberries? Those were the first things that we had to look at when Gavin started breaking out. Come to find out he is allergic to bananas. Hope that helps. Let me know when you figure it out, and I hope it goes away very soon!!

Laura said...

Any new soaps or lotions? I even have to be careful about changing scents of a brand I am familiar with. Also, if you wento out to eat there may have been something in the food you wouldn't necessarily know was an ingredient without asking. Have they gone away yet? Any ideas? Good luck- I know hives can be extremely annoying... oh one other possibility- I used to get hives ALL THE TIME when I was about 12 and we did everything to figure out what was causing them- elimination diets, scratch tests, etc. We couldn't figure it out, so they finally did a blood test and relized I had some virus I was allergic to. There was absolutely nothing they could do about it, but at least I got to eat my favorite foods again :)