Monday, March 15, 2010

Eli's apology!

Eli got in trouble last week for calling Makyla the "stu" word as he calls it. This was his attempt at an apology letter!!

(Just in case you can't read says (and I'll fix the spelling:)) "Dear Makyla, I'm sorry for calling you stupid you're just crazy. From Eli.

Maybe he needs a lesson on what an apology really is!!:)


~Danette~ said...

LOL... that is so funny! Not stupid just crazy!!!

I looked at your recipe blog. YUM!!! Can't wait to try some of those recipes. Thanks for sharing. I've made the Jell-O Poke cake before, but I've got to try it with the frosting!

Susan said...

Jana, how wonderful that you are blogging these funny day to day events with your kids and family. I hope you are journaling them too. So precious. I can see your kids in 20 years...pouring over these cute notes kept by you and laughing at all the pranks they pulled on each other and you. What a great parent you are! You are my hero!

Melinda said...

oh my gosh that is to darn cute!