Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eli's 7th Birthday!

Yesterday was my Eli's birthday. It was a busy and fun day! I picked up Eli for lunch out. He had already told me he wanted pizza for his birthday dinner, but he also wanted pizza for lunch, so we went to a local place called Davetos for lunch and he ordered pizza!! You'd think he'd get sick of it, but he ate 2 pieces at dinner too!:) Anyway, he told me that he wanted a green cake for his birthday because they've been talking about St. Patrick's Day at school and he thought that would be neat, so we decided on making him a Jell-O poke cake. He really liked it! (Here's a picture of his cake and if you would like the recipe head on over to my recipe blog HERE!) I had piano lesson from right after school until 7:00 yesterday so I told Eli that we might have to have his family party a different night because I didn't know how I was going to get everything accomplished and get the kids to bed at a descent hour! He did not like that idea, so Tony was in charge of getting our Papa Murphy's pizza cook and ready at 7:00 so we could eat, and I was able to get the cake mostly done (all but the frosting), and his presents wrapped before piano started. He didn't have much time to play with his presents after the party and before bedtime, but he was happy, so I'm glad it worked out! Anyway, here's some pictures of the birthday boy! SO excited for his birthday!!:)
Eli had been saving up his "piano dollars" (my incentive program for my piano students) for a couple of months to buy a frisbee that was in one of my prize boxes. So after he finally had earned it he wanted to take it to school the next day, so we put his name on it and he was off. When I picked him up from school he was so upset and handed me his broken frisbee. It was just a cheap one and the plastic broke and he was so upset, so guess what he got...a new frisbee, but this one won't break, it's flexible!! He was really excited!
We went to Grand Junction last Saturday and ate lunch at a park. While eating there was a man there who had a remote control jet. It was probably about 5 feet tall! It was huge and he did all sorts of tricks with it. It was so cool and Eli loved watching it and told me he wanted to save up his money so he could buy one. I told him they were probably pretty expensive and so he wanted to go and ask the guy how much it cost, but I didn't think that was a good idea...anyway, so this will have to suffice until he earns that money to buy him a remote control one!
After the park we went to Target and Eli fell in love with this piggy bank...he just had to have it to save all his money in. He's gotten quite a bit of money lately from the tooth fairy and has given it to me to save for him and he wanted a place to keep it. He was so surprised when he unwrapped this one because I told him he couldn't have it!:)
Tony picked out this for him and I think it might be his favorite! This is what he did while everyone else was eating their cake. I told him he needed to try his cake, but he told me he would when he was finished with his picture!! The 3D glasses are pretty cool!
I love my Eli and love having his playful and humorous spirit in our family!! He sure can make me laugh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Kent and Kay said...

What would life be without Eli to make it happy! We're so thankful Eli is in our family, too. Happy Birthday, my Eli-Eli-O!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Eli!! It was my Zach's birthday yesterday also :) I love the cake idea, i will definitely have to try that one :)

Melinda said...

Happy birthday Eli! Man our kids are growing up fast! Can't wait to see you guys in June!