Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Nativity!

When Dad & Mom first got their call to South Africa Tony and I knew that one thing we wanted them to pick up for us was an African nativity set. So last Christmas time while they were still out we let them know that that was what we wanted. So when they returned in June we were so pleased to get just what we wanted (it was a wonderful early Christmas present!) and we really wanted to just display it right then but decided we needed to wait.

Monday night for FHE we were able to set it up and I LOVE having it displayed! All the pieces are hand carved from jacaranda wood and hand painted in Swaziland. They are very unique and very beautiful! (We had to freeze them for 24 hours after we recieved them just in case there was a certain kind of bug in them...can't remember what it is called...because the bug would eat them and we'd be left with sawdust! But freezing them would kill it if there was actually one in there! Isn't that fun...we might have an african bug frozen inside our nativity!!:))

Isn't it beautiful??!!


Sheans said...

I love that nativity set. It is so beautiful. But I might have a nightmare about African bugs now. :)

Amanda said...

Beautiful. My husband served in South Africa and he wishes he would of gotten something like that. What a special gift for you guys.