Sunday, December 12, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

After a fun breakfast with Santa of snowman pancakes the kids all got to sit on Santa's lap (except Kyla who was too embarrassed...she thinks she's too old!)

Rhett was so excited to see Santa...he even brought a candy cane from home to give to him. He was so disappointed as we were walking into the Rec. center his candy cane broke, so we went and asked for some tape and fixed it all up so he could give it to Santa.
He asked Santa for a Steelers Helmet. He's been talking about it for at least a month now!
Eli was a little shy (which is NOT like Eli at all) when it came to sitting on Santa's lap, but he did and asked for a nintendo DS.
Caleb also, like Kyla, thought he was getting too old to sit on Santa's lap, but I talked him into it anyway. He asked Santa for a ripstick.

Wish I would have at least thought about getting a picture of Makyla...even if it wasn't with Santa!
But I'll tell...and show...what she did for our dinner this evening. We had a big turkey dinner with all the fixin's and so Kyla set the table and made cute little place settings with everyone's name on them.

Didn't they turn out so cute. She really is a pretty creative little thing and she is a major crafter!!


-Susan- said...

Watch out Martha Stewart .. you have competition with Kyla!

Natalie said...

So cute!! She really is creative! She is going to have a very cute house when she gets married :) I know, that is a long way