Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Anniversary!

Sunday was Tony and my anniversary...12 years baby!!:) We celebrated by going to Ouray (the switzerland of America and one of our favorite places) for a night. (you might remember when Tony took me there a couple of years ago for my birthday!) It was great to get away and relax...and get in a little last minute Christmas shopping!

We stayed at the Wiesbaden (pronouced vee-spa-den). That's the same place we went to for my birthday. We were able to soak in the vapor cave (for only minutes at a time because it is SOOOO hot!!), but then we'd go to the outdoor pool where it was about 40 degrees outside and that felt so nice!! What a relaxing day we got to spend together!!

I teased Tony before we left that I booked us a room that didn't have a TV in it...I had him going for a little bit, but just couldn't stop from smiling. Well, when we got to our room, this is what we found (and incidentally it was the very first thing Tony noticed!):)
...and he wasn't too pleased!:)

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Melinda said...

Happy anniversary you two!