Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hard day!

So, it finally happened today in church. I was officially released from being Primary President! It was so hard when I was called (over 3 years ago) because I had never been in Primary and didn't know what I was doing! But it is sooooooo much harder saying goodbye! I never thought it would be this tough to be released-you know it's coming eventually, but I was not prepared to go. I did pretty good (in my assumption) until I walked into the Primary room after sacrament meeting! I lost it-I ended up running to the bathroom to try to pull myself together because I was supposed to be conducting! Well, I made it through-barely!:) I am very thankful that Heavenly Father had enough faith in me to trust me with his precious children and that I had the opportunity to serve them. I will miss being there tremendously! But on the bright side (most people give me a look of pity though) I did get a new calling! I will be in cub scouts! I'm really quite excited for this-I think I'm going to be over both the wolves and bears and Caleb will be turning 8 in March so I'll get to have him then too. Yeah!


Melinda said...

Oh Jana I feel for you. It is so easy to get attached to those kids. I bet you will be great at your new calling!

Amy said...

I had the exact same expeirence in the ward I just moved from. Literally. I had never been in Primary and they called me as President. I was so nervous and scared! Then the time went by so fast and it was time for me to be released and I had an awful time of it myself. I feel for you. You will be a great cub scout leader! Good luck!