Monday, January 2, 2012

I pity the fool!:)

I thought I'd better get down a few things that Rhett has said the last couple of weeks that have totally cracked me up before I forget about them.

We were eating breakfast the other day and treated our kids with orange juice (we don't have it very often). 

Rhett took a big drink and then asked, "Mom, do I have orange lips?"

Me: "Nope."

Rhett, "Good, cause then I'd look like a fool!"


We've let our kiddo's hang around in their pajamas most of the break unless we were planning on going somewhere.  So, Rhett had taken a bath and put on clean pajamas.  He slept in them that night, kept them on all day the next day, and then slept in them that next night as well.

On that second day Tony said to Rhett: "Rhett, you've been in those jammies for 2 days now!"

Rhett: "I know Dad.  Pretty cool huh?!"


On Christmas morning we let our kid's look at their santa stuff and then open their gifts from Grandpa & Grandma Wilson (they sent up $ and we decided they were all in need of new Sunday clothes and since Christmas fell on Sunday it was perfect!) before we went to church. 

As Rhett was opening one of his presents he pulled out his new white shirt and exclaims, "Awww...I don't like sunday shirts."


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