Thursday, May 5, 2011

Say No to Drugs!!

We got a letter in the mail a month ago or so telling us that Kyla had won an award for her poster she did in school for the So No to Drugs campaign.  They wanted to recognize everyone at a dinner that was held May 2nd (Monday).  Well, we had 3 things going on that Tony took Rhett to Caleb's game and then Eli and I went with Kyla to this dinner (Kyla's softball practice just had to be missed...can't be 2 places at one time...although sometimes that would be really nice!!)

It was a very nice dinner and then they had the awards.  There were 280 something kids who turned in posters and Kyla was the only 5th grader to be recognized (I think there were about 10 in all)!!  She was very excited...but the most exciting part...the $25 they also gave everyone!!:)

 Pointing out which poster was Kyla's.
"Accepting" the award.
Here's her poster and her award!

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