Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Baseball time!!

Caleb started baseball the middle of April and had his first game last week.  He was able to pitch a couple of innings that first game and did a great job for it being his first time pitching!!  His second game he started pitching and did a great job...if I remember right his stats were:  1st inning: 3 stike outs, 2nd inning: 2 strike outs, 3rd inning: 1 strike out; and 4th inning: 1 strike out!  Pretty darn good! Here's a short video of him pitching:
Also I've got to tell you the sweetest thing!  So Caleb hit one of the batters and I hear his little voice call out "sorry!"  Never heard someone apologize for hitting someone on the field before...I thought it was sweet!:)  I actually got it on camera...if you listen closely you'll hear his litte "sorry" at the end!

During this game he also went 2 for 4 at bats.  He hit 2 pretty good grounders for base hits and then got walked twice.  Here's one of his grounders.

I love baseball season!!  Although it gets pretty busy when Kyla starts softball and Rhett is starting t-ball this year...we LOVE it!!

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