Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What's important to a 3 year old!

Last night Tony had the lesson for FHE and taught the kids about "when you are warned, warn your neighbor". Rhett usually just runs around or just sits and doesnt pay much attention but last night when Tony asked the question "What's one way you can show Heavenly Father that you love Him?" (trying to get the answer...warn your neighbor or share the gospel) Rhett's hand shot up in the air so Tony called on him and his answer: "Flush the toilet!"

Guess that's what's important to him at the moment! He gets reminded of that quite a few times a day!:)


-Susan- said...

Jana I love your kids...makes me miss having little ones at home. Savor every minute you have with them. Thanks for sharing these moments ... Love you Jana

Natalie said...

That is su cute!! Sounds like something that would be brought up in FHE around here :)