Thursday, August 19, 2010

More from vacation!

After all the fun at the cabin and my Mom and Dad's we headed up to Tony's parents house for about a week. The kids had so much fun on the four wheeler and go cart. They would ask daily if they could ride on one! Uncle Smokey even taught Makyla how to drive his sandrail!! What a scary experience!! But she had a blast!
Eli taking Jaxon for a ride!
Makyla after she'd just taken me for a ride on the sandrail! Pretty proud of herself!
Caleb driving the go cart
Eli, Anastasia, and Kyla in the back of the sandrail while Tony was that was pretty scary too!!
Rhett getting a turn!
Rhett with all the "tools" he could find around!
Tony and Uncle Smokey with thier boys!
Most of the grandkids together. Rhett, Eli, Caleb, Tyler, Anastasia, Kyla, and Bodey.

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Bonnie said...

I just saw your featured post & I was like that's my cousin! So I hopped on over to see your blog!

I love that valance! My friend put that one in her house too! Good job!