Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School!

Today is the first day of school. The kids have been pretty excited to start again, especially Caleb. He LOVES school more than any of the other kids. We went up to the school a few days ago and he wanted to see if he was going to be in the same classroom (his teacher moved up with his entire class this year so he has the same class and teacher!) and as soon as he saw his teacher he gave her the biggest hug and did not want to leave! I'm so glad he's got a good teacher (I should say FABULOUS!) that he enjoys and learns from. The other kids have good teachers as well. Eli was excited to make some new friends and Kyla was pretty nervous about the first day. She didn't want me to leave...and she's in 5th grade. I'm anxious to see how her first day went! Can't wait for them to get home!

So here's there 1st day of school pictures before we left this morning. They are all growing up so fast!! Can't believe I'll have a middle schooler next year!! YIKES!!

I should have taken of picture of Tony too since it's his first day of school...again!! He still hasn't graduated from the 2nd grade...this is his 9th year...he and Eli are in the same grade this year!!:)

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-Susan- said...

Jana, how I miss having kids in my home that head back to school. I miss the excitement of it all. Thanks for sharing your family. Hope it's a great year for all.
Love your blog!!