Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm back to blogging!!

I've spent the last couple of weeks off, but have had lots to blog about, but I lost my usb connector to my camera and was not able to download any photos...but I started cleaning my computer room today and guess what I found!!! YEAH!!! So now I've got tons of photos to share!! I'll try to spread them out over the next couple of days so as not to bombard anyone!!:)

I just love Valentine's Day...the kids made some tags that said "I hope you have a "beary" happy valentine's day" attached to a bag of teddy grahms. Forgot to take pictures of that one...sorry!:) And I got this great idea online for Tony's valentine to his class. I thought his students would get a kick out of it...they did!!!

Also I recieved these lovely flowers from my sweetheart for Valentine's as well...aren't they beautiful!!:) He likes to tell me about a lady at work who's husband always sends her big, nice, expensive flowers...he said he spends around $100 on them and that he wishes he could do that for me. I told him if he ever did he'd be in BIG trouble!!! As much as I love flowers I could never justify spending that much for them!!!I really do love that man...he spoils me and I don't think I show him enough appreciation! I sure got the good end of that deal!:)


Natalie said...

Yay! I was missing reading your posts :) Those roses are beautiful! Way to go Tony!

Melinda said...

So cute and those flowers are beautiful. I wouldn't think of Tony as the romantic typebut he surprises me a lot sometimes!

Danette said...

Glad you found your connector :)

Gorgeous roses and well deserved... being a mommy and wife you need to be spoiled from time to time! I know what you mean about the money though... I've told my hubby the same thing.

Grandpa & Grandma said...

We knew Tony had good taste when he married you, but he also has good taste in roses. He's a keeper!