Tuesday, December 15, 2009


For the past month or so every night at the dinner table Tony will say to Eli "Eli, have I ever told you about my days back in 'nam?" And then he'll proceed to tell Eli about hunting "Charlie" and hiding in the "rice patties". It's become quite funny because whenever Tony starts Eli will say "aagghh...not again" or "I already know Dad".

So last week Eli's reading teacher came up to Tony after school and told him she had a funny story to tell him. She proceeded to tell him how Eli and one of his classmates were working together making up some 3 letter nonsense words. Soon afterward she realized that they were arguing about something so went to go see what was going on. Eli's friend had made up a nonsense word that Eli KNEW was a real word and they were arguing back and forth...Eli was sure it wasn't a nonsense word. When his teacher asked him about it he said "I know it's real because my Dad says every night 'when I was back in nam'"!!


Toryg said...

HAHAHA, now that is hilarious! I can totally picture Tony doing that too.

Melinda said...

Ok, I litterally lol-ed! That kid is so funny!

Grandpa & Grandma said...

What are you going to do for entertainment if Eli ever grows out of this stage?