Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Tree at the Covered Bridge!!

So we decided we wanted to have a REAL Christmas tree this year since we've been using our fake one that Tony and I got right after we were married almost 11 years ago that's pretty little. And instead of hiking all over the creation we decided to go to the Covered Bridge down in Montrose that we had been told about. They take you on a tractor/hay ride down to the tree fields (or whatever you'd call them) and then you get to pick out and cut down your own tree, and they give you another hay ride back to the barn and wrap the tree in netting and get it in your vehicle. While the parents are doing that the kids get to have hot chocolate/cider, roast marshmellows, pet the clydesdales, and climb the haystack!! It was so much fun!!
Tony's going to finish the job!
Eli getting the little ones leftover!:)
Our Christmas Tree!!
Eli roasting marshmellows!
Caleb, Eli, & Rhett at the top of the haystack! Rhett was so excited to climb it and then when he got to the top and looked back down at me he wanted back down...he hadn't realized how high he'd climbed and was a little scared!:)
Tony, Rhett, & Makyla on our hayride!
Caleb & Eli on our hayride.
Dad and Rhett looking for just the perfect tree to cut down!
Caleb having a go with the saw!
The kids nervously petting the HUGE horses!
Rhett didn't want to be close to them at all...he just liked looking at them from a distance...this was the closest we could get him and he clung to Tony like his life depended on it!:)

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Natalie said...

That is a great looking tree! I cannot wait to see it all decorated! I wish we had someplace like that here in SC, it looks like ya'll had a great time!!