Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our day trip to Telluride!

Yesterday (Saturday the 13th of June, I believe:)) Tony woke me up early (around 7:00--that's early for me!) and decided that we should go to Telluride that day and do some hiking and ride the gondola, so we ate breakfast, packed a lunch and headed. (It's about 1 1/2 hours there) What a treat! It was so much fun. Family (and friends):)...if anyone wants to come and visit us we will take you there... maybe that will get us some visitors!! It is so beautiful, but you will figure that out when you see these pictures!! I love this area! Sorry for all the picture overload lately...I think I take after my Mom!!!:)
The falls we hiked up was so green and beautiful!!
The kids with the falls in the background
Rhett hitchin' a ride! Whenever he was tired he'd yell "shoulders!"
Rhett & Eli with their walking sticks.
The family at the end of our hike! (about an hour...uphill most of the way, but not too steep!)
Eli cheesin' it!
Caleb riding the Gondola
Love this picture...Eli and his cheeser smile again and Kyla a little nervous!
We had to wake Rhett up when we got there and he was still out of it. He wasn't too sure about it but did well. On the way back he had a much harder time...he just clung to me and whimpered the whole way. He must have been too out of it the first time to really worry about it! But by the end of the day (after riding it about 6 times) he was really liking it!:)
The gondola going through mountain village...the most beautiful place in the world!!! (BTW Oprah and Tom Cruise both have homes in the area...just in case you were wondering!:))
I never realized how white my legs were until this picture...they blend in with the sidewalk!!!! AAAAGGGGGHHHHH!
Cool horse statue and Eli is ready to CHARGE!
The center of Mountain is surrounded by shops and buildings just like this! So beautiful!
Caleb climbing the rock!
He made it to the top!!! WAY TO GO!!!
Eli giving it a flip flops!
Makyla's turn...again in sandals! (They both decided they wanted to change their shoes in the van...didn't realize it until we were already gone!!)
The mountains looked so beautiful after our gondola ride from Mountain Village to Telluride!
The view coming back into Mountain Village from Telluride.
On our way home we saw the brightest, most beautiful rainbow I think I have ever seen! And the pictures turned out quite well although they are never as good when it's not in person!
Another rainbow picture!
Such a great day! The kids want to go back tomorrow!!!:)


Grandpa & Grandma said...

That was a great start to our P-Day activities. We just might show up to your place in a year or two! Loved ALL the pictures. Keep rolling them out. Way to go Tony for thinking up this exciting adventure for your family.

PS Never,Never,Never!!! be ashamed of white legs!!!!

Danette said...

Oh, how fun! 7 a.m. is early for me, too :)
I enjoyed your pictures. Looks like a beautiful, beautiful area!