Saturday, May 30, 2009


June is such a fun month for us and a busy one as well. Makyla starts softball, Caleb starts machine pitch baseball, Eli is in T-ball, and Rhett just loves going to practice with them! (I asked Rhett the other day what he wanted to do today and he got so excited and said "Practice!"-that kid loves baseball!) Anyway, the kids all have thier uniforms (I guess I should say t-shirts!) and so we did pictures today and I wanted to share them. So here they are!

Makyla is in the Little Ladies softball league. This is her 2nd year and she still has a lot of work to do but she is getting better. Tony says she's too much of a girly girl for softball, but she enjoys it for the most part so there ya go!:)

Caleb LOVES baseball and is getting pretty good if I do say so myself! He's become a Rockies fan so one of these days we're going to make it over to a game with him!

And then we have Eli!!! He's enjoying t-ball for the most part...this is his first year, but I think the thing he likes the best is the treats he gets after each practice & game!

I just had to add this picture as well! Rhett wanted his picture taken too and so he grabbed the bat and posed like his brothers did...I didn't help him pose at all. I know I'm a little biased but I think this is about the cutest picture ever!

With all of the kids' games we have one each day of the week through all of June! Kyla's games are M & W, Caleb's are M & F, and Eli's are T & TH! You gotta love Baseball season!!! I know I do!


Melinda said...

I love little league sports! Your kids are so cute and seriously, i think you are right about the picture of Rhett! Precious!

bookjunkie said...

Oh my goodness Rhett looks so cute! Tell the kids good luck and I wish I could be there to watch their games!