Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eli's take on General Conference!

So I think Eli listened to maybe 10 minutes of Genenral Conference this whole last weekend, but he did get something out of it! During Elder Oaks talk in the Afternoon session on Sunday Elder Oaks talked about the couple that had a dog instead of kids because a dog doesn't talk back and you don't have to ground it. That's the part that Eli caught, and for the next 10 minutes about every 30 seconds he would come up with something that he found funny about that part of Elder Oaks talk. He laughed so hard...and decided that they shouldn't have a dog either because then they wouldn't get to go on vacations either (our reasoning for why we don't have any animals). He also said that it's good that dogs can't play the playstation & computer so they won't get grounded (which happens to our boys when they spend too much time on the computer or playstation...they get grounded from it!) And he just kept laughing and saying how silly that was...I'll have to admit I don't know how the rest of Elder Oaks talk went because I was too interested in what Eli was saying and enjoying watching him get a kick out of that! Glad he got something out of conference!:)

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Danette and Ryan said...

Kids make life so fun!!!