Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My parents who are serving a mission right now in South Africa have told their children to look for the blessing that they receive because of Dad & Mom (Grandpa & Grandma)serving a mission. Well needless to say there have been plenty! But I think I have discovered the greatest blessing they have given me because of their service.
My son Caleb is going to be baptized this Saturday. I am having a harder time than I ever thought I would knowing that his Grandparents would not be able to be there. For Caleb's birthday Grandpa & Grandma sent him the coolest scripture case. It is made of Giraffe! They also sent a picture of some giraffes that they had taken with the sweetest message on the back telling Caleb that every time he looks at his scriptures to be reminded that he will also be able to serve his Heavenly Father on a mission when he turns 19.
Caleb was so excited for his scriptures and wanted to show his primary teacher, our neighbors, the bishop (pretty much everyone)them. Well, he showed it to one of the couselors in the bishopric before sacrament meeting started and Bro. Kinderknecht looked at me and said, "this is why Grandparents should serve missions!" I have the most wonderful parents who have helped me and Tony as parents instill in Caleb the desire to live righteously so that when he turns 19 he too can serve his Heavenly Father. So no matter how hard of a time I'm having (and it's probably just me...I don't think Caleb's too worried about it!) I am so thankful and appreciative for my wonderful parents who are serving our Heavenly Father and helping bestow blessings upon my family through their obedience.
I love you Dad & Mom! Thank you for always thinking of your children & grandchildren in all that you do!


Becky said...

So cool. I love it

Danette and Ryan said...

That is really neat. Such a great experience for all of you!