Monday, January 5, 2009

Thanks Melinda (& Chad:))!

Sorry to bombard everyone with a ton of posts, but I didn't have time to blog during the break with my family home and being sick and so much to do with the kids! So with the kids back in school I've got a little more free time! Anyway, my very wonderful and creative sister-in-law Melinda gave us this Family plaque for Christmas. It is so cute-we love it! Tony had the great idea (stemed from Ben & Jamie)of making a Family game winners sheet on it for 2009 so we can keep track of who wins what game! It's been a lot of fun to keep track so far-no marks for me yet-Tony's winning everything! Except Eli beat us all in Monopoly on Sunday-he was so excited to put a mark by his name! He owned Boardwalk and Park Place and was able to build hotels on each and he kept telling everyone that they needed to land on him so that he could get 2,000 smackers! It was quite funny!
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Melinda said...

You bet! I am glad that you liked it. The game thing is agreat idea!

Ben-Jamin said...

Yours is way cuter than ours. Ben is always up on me too.

Steve, Jillian, and Addison said...

Hello! I just wanted to say to "ELDER" Miramontes, that I can't believe we've gotten so old. Your kids are adorable! I just can't believe it, it was just like yesterday when you were steamrolling over Krystal and I when we were sleeping outside on the trampoline. You have a beautiful wife and adorable children!