Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Morning!

Rhett was so excited about the cars he got from Santa! He took them to Tony and demanded they be opened right away! When he realized I was taking pictures he proceeded to bring me every car individually so I could take a picture of it!:)
Makyla got a digital camera from Santa. She was pretty excited about it. Hope it lasts through the next year-her brother's like to mess with it too!
Eli got a Hot Wheels rug to go with his cars he already has. He and Rhett like to drive around on it with their cars together!
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Caleb got one of the things he wanted for Christmas. He wanted a nintendo DS but that wasn't in the budget and he also wanted a football-Santa could handle that! He and Rhett have really been enjoying it! Rhett will now run for a "touchdown" while Caleb is chasing him--too cute!

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Ben-Jamin said...

Staci was telling us how cute he was. You need to get it on film and post it!