Monday, August 4, 2008

Wonderful neighbors!!

So we were on vacation for about 2 weeks and when we got home we discovered a nice little sandbox in our back yard! The kids were so excited! Caleb asked "Mom, did you do this before we left?" I told him no, but that I bet I knew who did it! We have the best neighbors who are always looking out for us and are so good with our kids. They are an older couple from our ward. As soon as Caleb saw them out working in their yard he yelled over to thank them for the sandbox! They have enjoyed it immensely!


bookjunkie said...

I agree, you have the best neighbors ever!

Amy said...

Hey I love your blog title! I have heard you call your kids little monsters (lovingly of course) and I think your title is perfect! I loved reading all your entries! I was so excited for you when I seen that you got to go see Phantom! WOW! What a great hubby! Aren't we lucky to have been blessed with such great husbands! I was amazed at your sand box story, that is so sweet! But it also says something about the type of neighbors you must be as well, that you have someone care enough about you to do something that sweet for you! Well I'm glad to see your blogging. Now we can keep in closer touch with each other.

Love, Amy