Sunday, August 3, 2008

Phantom in Vegas

Tony & I celebrated our 10th anniversary a little early this year. Tony mentioned Phantom and I was hook-line-and-sinker! We had such a great time! We stayed at the Planet Hollywood on the very top floor in a really nice room! Phantom was so exciting! I was glued from beginning to end and I've seen the movie quite a few times! The things that they can do on a stage was amazing-I was really quite shocked! The chandelier was quite the site itself. Would recommend it to anyone. I love my hubby so much! This wasn't his first choice of what we could do but he knew I would love it and so went ahead. After Phantom was over Tony turned to me and told me--and I quote, "I don't want to take anything away from Phantom, but I would have rather watched a Dodgers game!" I guess that will be our plans for #15!! We also were able to go and see the bellagio water fountains (it was right across the street from Planet Hollywood). Those were so neat. I could have sat there forever and watched them. Other than the heat during the day, we had a fabulous time!

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Toryg said...

Hey Tony & Jana,

I'm glad to see you guys have a blog now! Looks like you had a lot of fun in Vegas!

We're back in Utah now, living in Lehi. Just bought a house actually. If you're ever in the area we'd love to see you guys!

Tony, I'm with you. I'd rather watch a Dodgers game too! :) I didn't know you were a dodgers fan as well. Too bad you weren't able to visit while we lived in SoCal! We went to quite a few dodgers and angels games.

Hope you guys are doing well and I look forward to more blog posts!