Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm free, I'm free, I'm free, I'm free!!

Eli and I were talking as we were driving in the van a few days ago. We drove through a new area where they are building doctor's offices and this is how the conversation went.

Eli: Mom, are there going to be houses in here?
Mom: I don't think so they're all for doctor's offices.
Eli: Oh, darn!
Mom: Why?
Eli: Because I wanted to live here.
Mom: But we already have a house to live in.
Eli: I mean for when I'm free!
Mom: Free?
Eli: Yeah, you know when I'm an adult!

This kid cracks me up sometimes!
p.s. bonus points if you can name the movie the title comes from!:)


Grandpa & Grandma said...

Forget about writing a fiction book - just write everything Eli says and you'll have a best seller! You ARE writing down all his sayings for future posterity, right? Can't come up with the movie - have I seen it?

Natalie said...

Very cute! I have a small notebook where I write down the funny things my kids say :)

Sunshine said...

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

Michellie-mom said...

LOl...that's very observant of him...I obviously need to reconsider my current adulthood state of mind! :)

On a different note...your blog is so cute and Thanksgiving like and then all of the sudden this terribly EARLY Christmas music starts playing and I'm soooo confused! ;)

Jana said...

Michelle...I do have a Thanksgiving song on here too!!:) I have to admit I start listening to Christmas music right after Halloween! I love it and can't seem to get enough!:) Anyway...the movie is The Rescuers Down Under! I LOVE Frank!:)