Friday, September 4, 2009

Potty training & letting go!

First off...we're potty training!!! I've really been dreading it but have been pleasantly surprised at how well it is going. We're going on day 4 today and Rhett has only had 1 accident today. He does better during the day while the kids are at school...I think he just doesn't pay attention to when he needs to go while they are home...he's too worried about missing out on all the FUN! We went to the store and picked out some underwear (Rhett calls them "underwoo's"...too cute) and got some tic tacs for his potty treat (thanks Mom!). and we got rolling! Hope he keeps it up!

And then there's Caleb. He has been so attched to this blanket ever since Grandma gave it to us after their trip to Hawaii...I think it's been 5-7 years (not too sure-time flies). Anyway, it's been through A LOT of washings and has seen better days. I've tried fixing it a couple of times, but it is past the point of no return so I told Caleb it was time to get rid of it. He wasn't too happy about it, but when I told him we could take a picture of it before we threw it out he felt a little better. So here's Caleb with his well used blankie!
Oh, and Rhett had to have his picture taken with his blanket too...and then he started following Caleb out to the trash with his blanket...but not to worry, we caught him before it was too late! He would have been mightly sad come bedtime!:)


Susan said...

What wonderful stories Jana. I remember when Joshua had to say good bye to his blankie. That was one sad day! Sign that the kids are growing up. Congrats on the pottie training! (we are having success with Mr. Darcey. The Dog Whisperer is working like magic) I told Megan I wish I had had it when the kids were little! Ü

Melinda said...

"Potty and a tic tac!" That's what Chad always says to our kids when we potty train. Good luck and let the force be with you. I think i will just let Landen's wife potty train him!

Michellie-mom said...

Jana! I just saw your comment on my project list blog....I have no idea how you found me on that is just a random blog I made for the purpose of tracking all the projects I want to make "some day" :) Our family blog is a private blog...send me your e-mail address to: and I will send you an invite! It was great to see you too! Good luck with the potty training :)