Thursday, August 13, 2009

Playing Zorro & Robbers!

Caleb found the Zorro hat the other day and decided he wanted to make a mask to go with it so we pulled out some old scratch material and made a mask and a belt to hold his "sword". Then Eli decided he wanted to be a robber and so we made one for him as well. And then Rhett wanted to join in on the fun so he got one too! They played around all afternoon like this. I even had a friend call me and tell me that when they drove by they saw them outside running around playing with hats and masks on and got a good kick out of it! Boys will be boys!


Danette said...

YES, they will!!! Looks like good quality FUN!!!

Amanda said...

I wish Logan had more boys to play with. He usually ends up in princess clothes with his sister! Very creative and cute little boys!
P.S. Yeah Tony was there for the pioneer days because he stayed at our house! That would be fun to meet up with you guys one of these days at the celebration.

Melinda said...

What a crack up!